The flick

Texte : E. Illustration : Laurence Gaudreault

She’s beautiful.

It’s funny how just that one time I saw her flick a loose strand of hair behind her ear, I just knew.

It was an invitation, but a very respectful one that meant Okay I hear you, I see you looking at me, and I allow it, I am ready to let you into my queendom. 

It wasn’t the first time I saw her rearranging her hair, but the way she did it that one time allowed me to think further into the night for us.

I’d met her through friends. We clicked straight away in that friendly and supportive way, I’d been fed up with cis men for a while and at first she appeared to me as a new confidente, until that night, after a few glasses of red wine and that very flick of fine hair my thoughts and feelings towards her suddenly evolved in a very romantic way.

We talked about a better feminist world and, after a couple of cigarettes, we decided the night should end.

« I don’t think there’s anymore trains running, it’s too late. »

«  Oh dear, you live in the centre? That will cost you a ton in a cab… Just stay here. »

To be honest she’d stayed over an uncountable number of times, but that flick still held unspoken meaning, and I knew this sleepover would result in consequences stronger than the ones before.

I gave her pyjamas, we laughed and as I drunkenly fell over my bedside table we reminisced about the drunken nights we’d had in the past, and how lovely our friendship was. 

Now we are laying in bed side by side. I’m thinking about the flick, and how all of this was probably just in my head. There was no message hidden in the hair pushed behind her ear. I can feel the heat that’s coming from her body and reaching into my left side. I am confused and static, listening to our quietly panting breaths. Is she sleeping? We are both out of breath, it’s probably because of all the laughing, drinking and smoking. It must be obvious that I am anxious but who knows what is going through her head. 

I hear her move, delicate and slow. I have no idea which part of her body is moving until she touches my hand, every single finger sliding against my own feels infinite, languid.

Okay she’s probably still just being friendly.

Her hand starts letting go of mine, and I am now feeling disappointed, until I realize it’s now wandering up my arm all the way to my shoulder. Surely that’s not a friendly move, Is she asleep?

She turns towards me and now her arm, probably locked under her body, retracts. She places her left hand immediately in the same place as where the right one was, and she quietly swipes it over my chest and up under my right ear. Her fingers are soft and cold. My heart is pounding. I have no idea if she is touching me in her sleep but it is all so soft and calm that I let it happen. Her thumb pressing against my ear invites me to turn my head towards her. Which I do. I can see now that her eyes are wide open, the gaze of the street lights reflecting on her face.

We are both very awake.

Her face approaches mine, and she kisses me, one very slight kiss on my upper lip that says everything that needs to be said. 

I cave in. We start kissing, with more intention, and tongues, and beautiful wet noises, and softness. 

As she slowly drives her hand under my tee-shirt and onto my breast my whole body caves in and a sudden flame lights up in the pit of my stomach, my hand wanders down her and we are now both sideways facing each other.

I reach her hip and slide my hand between her leggings and the very thin fabric of her pants. There is no way this night is going anywhere without me pleasing her but I need to check.

«are you okay with this?» I ask.

«fuck yeah.» She laughs throwing her head backwards as if the temptation is killing her.

My hand is now sliding to the front of her pants, and I start feeling a few delicious pubic hairs under my fingers. My middle finger makes its way between her pulpy lips. As my finger goes up and down I feel her inner lips and her clitoris getting bigger, she’s very wet. I slowly rub up and down but her love juice invites me into her. I slide my middle finger into the wet path that drives me into her vagina and make it go in and out of her for a long time, she’s pounding.

I decide to slide my body downwards and slowly pull down her leggings and pants down to just under her knees. There’s tension for her. She’s not fully unclothed. There’s a dangerous feel to it. I’m face to face with her vulva, the street lights shining through my window lighting her beautiful body.

«You have a beautiful pussy» I say, licking her outer labia slowly one lip after the other.

My tongue slips a bit and I slide it from the bottom of her inner labia onto her clitoris. She moans. I go up and down licking her intensely for a bit, but she’s so wet I feel unfair and wouldn’t want to tease her for too long. I slowly slide my middle finger into her vagina again and pulse my finger up and down in her whilst licking her inner lips and very slowly waving my head from right to left.

Her back starts to arch, heavily writhing, I decide to insert a second finger and quicken my pace, my mouth is now forming an ‘O’ shape and whilst I suck slowly on her clit my tongue goes from her clit and back down as far as it can go into her inner lips, sometimes meeting my fingers, like a very wet and messy first kiss.

She’s breathing heavily, my tongue is now out and flat on her clitoris and I press my head onto her, waving it quicker from left to right, my little finger has just enough space to make its way to her anus, and it stays there, the tip massaging her as the two other fingers give rhythm with intense ‘L’ shaped fingering.

My other hand is caressing her stomach, her chest, her nipples.

She pounds, and screams and I can feel her come, my fingers go quicker, and my face presses harder into her, by now a very small piece of my pinkie finger is in her cute ass completely soaked in wetness.

I moan, I am so fucking hot, the noises in this room are delectable and my clit is so hard I feel I could come with her. She hardly exhales and moves all over the place, she’s biting into the cushion and gasps with a very big moan into it. As she slows down I can feel the inside of her vagina pulsating as if it was swallowing and tightening with all the waves of her ecstasy.

I get back next to her, breathing heavily and we stay laid there for a long minute, we look at each other, laugh, and kiss, we are now both naked, sweating. Her body is so warm and her fingers are all over me. 

I think we might be in for a second round, wait… her fingers are now sliding down to my – oh ah… 

By Moule

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