One night of Miyuki

Texte : anonyme
Illustration : @thellonne

One night of Miyuki
La dame blanche – white lady mountain
Awaits to reveal treasures of Miyuki;
Her frisky snow winks at me
and my resilience is challenged.
A sunset preparation then I begin my devoted voyage;
I am determined to reach the core of her sacred soul.
Ascending quickly takes my breath and I am exhausted, but
my quest is to please her, and I will not return on my steps.
I look down, petite on this prominent perfect pyramid,
A metropolitan monument among insistent
stars, pleased as captivated stares of thousands
are enchanted by them rather than her,
in the night time she blends in softly,
loudly present and worshipped
whilst the envious beams kiss her outlines silently.
She lets me explore all paths to her coeur,
seek out holy stones on the way,
I embrace each movement that brings me closer to
savour the heavenly air of her hips,
where aromas of sweetness occupy my senses.
Females were forbidden to climb her, and we did trespass with guilt
and forever feeling unfit for purpose, I confess.
Then, I turn to adore her more, moulding into ice skin
with shivering, burning fingers.
In moon shape caresses
her shaking flame, desperate for oxygen,
cries out loud sighs of relief.
I hinder in height, hidden, despite the heroic act
as the crisp cold grabs my bones and begins to cradle and crush me.
My icy body and heart fills with fear;
she just wants me here for tonight,
I am one of thousands who love her.
Afar, the landscape is laddered clouds across shimmering hills,
a line of gold appears when I reach the queen’s crown;
The light of day slowly shows her lush nudity.
The sun blesses us both with peace and now I know you
my days are complete
with nostalgia for you.

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